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By solving our own most difficult problems, we’re potentially creating immense value for everyone else.
— Jason Amunwa, Director of Products at Digital Telepathy

Oct 20, 2014 • UXmatters

Introducing the Build-Measure-Learn Approach to an Analytics Tool’s Redesign

How can you distinguish between what the people who purchase and use your products say they want and what they actually need? Luckily, there are some effective ways to reduce the risk that you might design products your customers don’t want or your users can’t use and, instead, to design for their actual needs.

Nov 2013 • n>genuity Journal

Four Strategies For Optimizing The Prepaid Experience

Using User Experience Testing To Determine What Consumers Want

Customer growth and retention depend heavily on exceeding the expectations of cardholders. Knowing and understanding those expectations is critical, then, to creating successful products. A rigorous program of end-user testing can help companies constantly adapt to the ever-shifting demands of the marketplace.

Nov 2012 • UXPA Austin

Money Outside the Mainstream

The UX of Alternative Financial Products