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My name is Stephanie Schuhmacher. I’m also known as Winnermint, an online nickname that comes from the word “wintermint” pronounced with a slight Texas drawl.

I am a passionate user experience designer, researcher, and teacher.

My Case Studies

They say that innovation is the product of constraints. And this proves to be true in my line of work. In fact, some of my favorite projects have been challenges that provided me with interesting opportunities for innovation.

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The Lifesize App Redesign project case study recounts the complete overhaul and total redesign of a Web and desktop app. It started with generative research through final UX and UI requirements, as well as feedback strategies.

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Bloomfire Responsive Design

The Bloomfire Responsive Design case study describes the successful design update of this business-to-business Web application whose customer base was averse to even minor interface changes.

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NetSpend Mobile App

The Netspend Mobile App Redesign case study includes the complete redesign of a mobile app platform—with an unexpected twist.

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Bloomfire Analytics

The Bloomfire Analytics case study details uncovering the difference between what users say they want and what they need.

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Courses and Presentations

One of my greatest passions is sharing the knowledge I have gained throughout the course of my career. That is why I regularly teach, design and produce course curriculums for others on user experience concepts and software titles.


Rapid Prototyping In InVision

InVision is a software tool that makes it easy to quickly create prototypes of web sites and mobile apps; and share them with others. This course teaches you how to use InVision to build your own prototypes.

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Building Data-Driven Prototypes In Axure

Axure allows you to create dynamic, data driven prototypes with sets of repeating data that can be sorted, filtered and paginated. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to build your own prototypes of data driven web apps like e-commerce sites, contact lists, photo galleries and more.

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More About Me


Currently, I’m the Manager of Product Design at Lifesize. Our room systems and cloud-based apps for video, audio, and web conferencing enable easy and convenient collaboration.

I am also the co-founder of the Austin chapter of Ladies That UX. This local UX meet-up boasts over 500 members and was the very first Ladies That UX chapter in North America. Although I am currently taking a break from organizing these meet-ups, I am incredibly honored to have had the opportunity to meet so many smart and talented user experience professionals through these events.

When I’m not busy at the office or occupied creating UX-related software tutorials, I can be found either in the Post-It note aisle at Office Depot or enjoying a breakfast taco at one of Austin’s various fine taquerias.


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