Work Examples

Innovation is often the product of constraint.
— Todd Waterbury, Chief Creative Officer at Target


Lifesize Web and Desktop App Redesign

A story of a complete re-architecture and redesign, from generative research through final UX and UI requirements and feedback strategy.

Bloomfire Responsive Redesign

A story of successfully updating the design of a business to business Web app whose customer base was adverse to even minor changes, and and succeeding in a way that set the stage for further product improvements.

Coming soon!


Bloomfire Lenses

A story of a daring new product, from concept through generative research to beta launch.

Coming soon!

NetSpend Mobile App Redesign

The story of a complete redesign of a mobile app platform, with a twist.

NetSpend App Redesign

A story of the redesign of a Web-based consumer financial services app, incorporating build-measure-learn loops.

Coming soon!